CUSTOM ON-LINE PROGRAMS offers a wide variety of fully functional store formats to present and deliver your logoed items. These include team or school stores, safety and reward program stores, and centralized fulfillment stores for multi branch, or multi location entities. Send us a quick email for access to a full store demo. Stores provide an easy way for others to purchase approved items with approved designs, without the need for paper order forms or compilation.



TEAM STORES is pleased to present our clients with the option of Team Stores. A great solution for large associations and organizations to increase consistency and present a strong team image across all levels.


We work with you to streamline your product offering an aesthetically pleasing, easy solution that is sure to please all.



Once you agree on product choices, timelines, and prices involved, we take over and handle the rest.


You no longer have to worry about collecting order forms, and chasing people for payments.


Our online solutions allows parents to place individual orders for their kids and pay with credit card, or managers to place orders by the team. All orders are sorted and packaged by team to be distributed by a designated team contact.



If you’d like more information on teams stores and would like to set up a meeting to discuss if your association would qualify please contact today.




Consolidate your promotional purchases and your branding messages in one centralized on-line store for your branches or multiple purchasers.



Keep your message and logo consistent by using one source for your branding needs instead of multiple individuals and companies using different versions of your logo and items that may not meet your standards. Save space and resources by using to fulfill all orders.



Assign individual budgets to each location, eliminate rogue spend, track spending, and use only authorized password access for purchasers. Call us today at 780-426-5646 to see a fully featured sample store for your company.




Implementing an employee rewards program is not only a great way to show appreciation to your employees dedication and hard work, but also a great way to increase employee loyalty.



We work with you to create a custom store that features your company's values and desired messages and select items that would be of value to your employees, and their families. You can choose from apparel items, or hard goods like camping gear, luggage, BBQ sets, apparel, trending drinkware and more.


You manage your user base and points allocation, and we handle the rest. Our easy to implement points program takes the burden off your administrative staff and allows more time to be focused on productive working hours.






Points based, reward catalogs for safety incentive programs, goal oriented achievement programs, customer or employee reward programs. Engage your employees or customers with rewards programs that offer shoppable catalogs of logoed and /or non logoed items. You provide us the points awarded on a regular basis and we update balances of enrolled participants, so they can buy items that appeal to them. The advantage of this type of program is that each individual “purchases” items that are appealing to them, instead of each participant getting THE SAME reward as others. Some will save their balances for larger purchases, and many will buy items for their kids or spouses, not just themselves. Logo the items for your employees or customers, or provide non-logoed items such as electronics etc. Contact us to see a demo!


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